[Leader’s Statement] Strongly Calling for Freedom and the Rule of Law for Hong Kong Citizens


Today, the actions of Hong Kong citizens seeking basic human rights and the rule of law are being repressed by the excessive use of public power. The Hong Kong police have reached the point of firing live bullets at close range against unarmed citizens. Police have entered the university campus to suppress demonstration activities, and after surrounding protesters on campus, are detaining students coming out of the campus. The freedom of expression and movement which should be enjoyed by the citizens of Hong Kong, as well as the autonomy of the university, are under serious threat.

Basic human rights are universal; they should therefore be guaranteed under any political system. As long as we place our trust in the rule of law rather than the rule of people, both citizens and also public powers must act in accordance with the law. The Hong Kong police and authorities must immediately cease using excessive power over citizens. Further, efforts must be made to establish a framework for peaceful dialogue with citizens.

At the same time, we are also deeply concerned that some demonstrators are engaging in violent protests such as throwing flaming projectiles. We strongly hope that the citizens and students are able to progress on the path to peaceful dialogue with the Hong Kong government.

Holding belief in freedom and the law, we will continue to pay consideration to the suffering of citizens seeking freedom and the rule of law in Hong Kong, while appealing to the Japanese government and the international community for a peaceful resolution.

Edano Yukio
Leader of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan