Executives of the Mongolian National Labour Party meet with Leader Edano and SG Fukuyama


Executives of the Mongolian National Labour Party (HUN)-- Party Leader B. Naidalaa, Party Board Chairman T. Dorjkhand, General Secretary D. Gantulga, and Secretary for R & D and HR P. Naranbayar-- met with Leader Edano and Secretary-General Fukuyama of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDP) on October 1.

Mr. Naidalaa said, "HUN is promoting a humanitarian democracy, with the principle of humanity first. Mongolia is currently a two-party system with no proportionality, and the Mongolian People's Party now holds 65 of the 76 seats. Politics is corrupt and impoverished because of the long-running two-party system. HUN was popular in the last election, and aims to have 76 candidates in the next election. We would like to promote exchange with CDP."

In response, Mr. Edano said, "Japan is at a turning point in society due to the declining population and aging population. HUN and CDP seem to be supported by similar kind of people. I have visited Mongolia twice so far, and believe that Japan and Mongolia can have a mutually complementary relationship. I would like to promote inter-party exchanges."

Mr. Fukuyama said, "I have also visited Mongolia three times, and we have worked hard to strengthen relations between Japan and Mongolia. I wish HUN all the best for the election."

The parties exchanged opinions on how to make policies during elections, promote public relations, and further promote the relationship between Japan and Mongolia.

Finally, Leader Edano and Secretary-General Fukuyama were invited to visit Mongolia.