Message from the Party Leader

We aim to build a genuine grass-roots democracy in Japan.

And, we aim to realize a politics rooted in the real voices of real people:

The voices of people facing many difficulties,
The voices of people taking on many different challenges,
The voices of people disillusioned with current politics, and
The voices of people who want to somehow change politics.

We aspire to connect with a diverse range of people living in Japanese society. 

Together, we aspire to chart a new vision for the future, from the bottom up.

The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDP) is still a small party.

This party will be built by you, the individual citizens, as well as we, the politicians.

Any real change starts from the voice of the few.

Who will build Japan’s democracy in this new era?

It will be built by you and me.

The quest of the CDP cannot be pursued without you.

Let us now begin to take on this new challenge.

We need your power.

Yukio Edano
Leader of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan

立憲民主党 代表 枝野幸男